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Commentary (Sylvan)


GOOD FRIDAY - APRIL 14, 2017:  Watching for Jesus to Rapture His Church.  Are you ready to meet our Lord in the air ? ?  Thank you Lord of Lords and King of Kings for taking away our sins on the Cross !!  

MARCH 29, 2017: Thank you Lord Jesus for creating me 81-years ago to provide me with the knowledge and inspiration to praise your name with this Website. Amen   

SCHEDULE of EVENTS for 2017    Click for the Schedule

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The Number 7 is the Fingerprint of God

President Donald J. Trump may be evolving in time with Israel .....

The following is from the Jim Bakker Show, which aired on January 17, 2017, with Michael Snyder and Pastor Carl Gallups:

January 14, 1946        Donald J. Trump was born

January 14, 2016        70-years later

May 14, 2017             Israel’s 68th anniversary

March 31, 2009          Netanyahu becomes Israel’s Prime Minister, and

                                 7-years, 7-months and 7-days later on

January 21, 2017    Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th President of the United Sates of America

(Edit; In the Jewish year 5777 Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th President of the United Sates of America against all odds of winning the election.)

Michael Snyder states:

Donald J. Trump was born 700-days before Israel became a Nation

            (Edit; Israel became a Nation on May 14, 1948, 68-Years Old)

Israel’s 70th Birthday will come 700-days after Donald J. Trump’s 70th Birthday

            (Edit: Jan 14, 2016 – to – May 14. 2018 spans 700-days? Check it out.)

777 days after Donald J. Trump was born, Israel is 77 days old

            (Edit: Jan 14, 1946 – to – May 14. 1948 spans 77-days? Check it out.)

Donald J. Trump won the election on the 7th Year, the 7th Month and the 7th Day of Netanyahu’s as Prime Minister of Israel. 




    In 1217, a year of Jubilee, the Jewish Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel prophesied about the final 10 Jubilees before the Messianic Kingdom would begin.  The prophecy was sealed and not to be opened until the Rabbi had passed away.  

    If the Rabbi’s prophecy holds true and the millennium kingdom begins in 2017, what does that tell us? If the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” (Chevlai shel Mashiach) is seven years in length, it would have to begin in 2010!  Is Obama Jacob's Trouble? 

The Rabbi’s have taught there will be a total of 120 Jubilee cycles (6000 years) from the time God created the earth until the beginning of the Messianic Kingdom.



UP-DATE    Message to the UN and to Obama for 2017

Israel is not occupying the West Bank, they Own It.


UP-DATE    DECEMBER 24/25,  2016

President Obama (Chief of UN Middle Finger):  FEAR OUR GOD - - 

Psa. 121: 4 - Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber or sleep.



    The Bible of our God teaches us by the Holy Spirit, to learn and understand what is written.  I give thanks and glory to Jesus that I might serve him in writing about subjects the Holy Spirit brings into my mind.  I was in the process of editing the Table of Historical Events when thoughts about the Time-Line of the "Desolation of Jerusalem for 70 Years" troubled my thinking.  This is an indication for me to let the Holy Spirit work in me, and I was led to the Book of Zechariah.

    Zechariah sets the time of the prophecy that the angel gives to him.  Then the angel of the lord provides the prophecy.  The prophecy is a future statement of a happening.  Our God knows the end before the beginning.  His viewpoint may be a mosaic perspective of events in time that are all seen at once.

The 2nd TEMPLE    -     EZRA, PRIEST and SCRIBE

      The 2nd Temple was completed during the 6th year of Darius II in 417 BC.  Ochus, the Bastard son of Artaxerxes I succeeded the throne claiming the name Darius II.  

    Darius II reigned as King of Persia from 423 to 404 BC [TIME-LINE 3729-3748].  

    References to have commonly said the 2nd Temple was completed in the 6th-year of Darius I, which would be 518 BC.  

    Reader comprehension of the Book of Ezra clearly describes the continued building of the 2nd Temple during the reign of Artaxerxes I.  Ezra declares the 2nd Temple was completed in the 6th year of Darius.  The common assumption that Ezra is referring to Darius I is only a poor assumption, because Darius was long in the grave when Artaxerxes I ruled Persia.

Perhabs there is a confusion with the building of Persepolis.  "It was during the reign of Darius the Great (Darius I) that  was built (518–516 BC) and which would serve as capital for several generations of Achaemenid kings." (wikipedia)

    Cyrus II, [Cyrus the Great]     559-529 BC  3593-36233, 

    Cambyses II. Successor         529-522 BC    3623-3630,

    Darius I, [Darius the Great]     522-486 BC    3630-3666 and 

    Xerxes I,  [Xerxes the Great]  486-465 BC    3666-3687:  were all dead before 

    Artaxerxes I,  Successor        465-424 BC    3687-3728

    Darius II,   Ochus  (Bastard son)    423-404 BC    3729-3748 

    Darius (Bastard) reigned as King of Persia when the 2nd Temple was completed, in his 6th year

    417 BC  TL 3735.


THE PROPHESIES OF DANIEL 9: 24-27     Added November 12, 2016

      The prophesies of Daniel 9; 24-27 are applied to the Table of Historical Events, which was revised to set the TIME LINE to 4221 (Equivalent to 70 AD).  


    Dan. 9: 24    490-Years spans the Time Line from the 7th Year of Artaxerxes I in 3694 to the Crusifixation of Jesus Christ in 4184 - - 4184 is 33 AD. 

    Dan. 9: 25    483-years spans the Time Line in 2-parts; (1) The first span of 49-years is from the 3rd Year of Xerxes I in 3669 to the 31st Year of Artaxerxes I in 3718.  (2) The second span of 434-years is from 3669 to the 31st Year of Artaxerxes I in 3718 to the birth of Jesus in 4152 - - 4152 is 1 AD.

    Dan. 9: 25    is the prophecy of the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD..

    Dan. 9: 27    In God's good time yet to come.



        Our God is the Creator of Everything.  [John 1: 3 - All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.]  The cinders of previous civilizations are scattered around the globe.  Most civilizations appear to have existed after 12,000 BC, but some civilizations are believed to be much older, perhaps 100's of thousands of years earlier.  I believe in One God, the God of Israel (His special people) and the same God that may have created humans other than and before Adam and Eve.  "If you put God in a box, He will jump out every time", Dr. Gene Scott.  Humanoids do not have the power or wisdom to place limits on our God. With God all things are possible.  Some Angels may have lived on Earth!  Why not?  Satan does!  God is the Potter, and we are the Clay.


This following work is replaced with:

 THE PROPHESIES OF DANIEL 9: 24-27     Added November 12, 2016.

    Having worked many years on THE TIME-LINE generated using only the King James Version [KJV], the work stopped with the destruction of Jerusalem.  The work resumed when I was inspired to apply the prophesy of Ezekiel 4: 1-8, and the prophesies of Daniel 9: 24, 25 and 26.  All of the prophesies appeared to fall into place by adjusting the TIME-LINE intersection of BC and AD to set the age of the Bible in Real-Time:


Seth (2)


Jesus b.




Jesus d.

Temple destroyed





- - - -






3874 BC

5 BC

4 BC

- - - -

1 BC

1 AD

29 AD

70 AD

Time-Line referred to Seth (2) is contiguous with dates using BC and AD notation:

The Top-Row is God’s Time-Line

Prophesy of Ezekiel 4: 4: 1-8

Time-Line       3999 (5 BC)               God’s Curse of 430-Years against Israel and Judah ends the year before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Prophesy of Daniel 9: 24

Time-Line       4032 (29 AD)             490-Years until the Resurrection of Jesus Chris 

Prophesy of Daniel 9: 25

Time-Line       4000 (4 BC)                483-Years until The year Jesus was born.

Prophesy of Daniel 9: 26

Time-Line       4073 (70 AD)              434-Years until The destruction of the 2nd Temple

    There certainly was a disagreement of THE TIME-LINE with our historical knowledge of the lineage of the Kings of Persia.  All previous work used ONLY the KJV of our Bible, and that basis was used to write and copyright July 2014, "Interpretation of the Prophases".

    INTEGRATION OF THE KJV into OUR HISTORICAL TIME LINES, beginning with Seth (2) stays the same .  The Time Line is referred to 70 AD in OUR HISTORICAL TIME LINES is changed to make the 3rd Year of Jehoiakim (50) a pivot point that coincides with our knowledge of history given by the Kings of Persia [3555 re: Seth (2) / 597 BC re: Persian records].  

    Shifting the Time-Line from 4073 / 70 AD by 148-Years to 4221 for 70 AD sets the pivot year 597 B to our Time Line of God at 3555 referred to Seth (2) when Adam (1) was 130-years old. This adjustment may not be the last change to the Time Line of God and His Mysteries go on and on unsolved.  If we ever think we have it solved, God will simply change the way it were before it was!  



             Angels ruled on Earth before Mankind!  The ‘Angels’ are spiritual beings having extraordinary supernatural powers. We are made lower than the Angels, which place them in a higher dimension above space and time.  The Bible gives names to the Angelic hierarchies, the chain-of-command of powers and principalities.  God sometimes allows us to see into that dimension and view His Warriors, armies and armament.  Rev. Billy Graham claims 160 places in the Bible that refer to ‘Angels’.