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Time Lines of the Bible 

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Happy 69th Anniversary Israel - MAY 14, 2017:  Watching for Jesus to Rapture His Church.  Are you ready to meet our Lord in the air ? ?  Thank you Lord of Lords and King of Kings for taking away our sins on the Cross !!  

COMMENTARY (Sylvan)  The Number 7 is the Fingerprint of God


       The Navigation Structure is changed significantly and edifications are still in progress.     

    I have made significant changes to the Time-Line by injecting the times of specific known events from Persian records. I have used the 3rd-Year of Jehoiakim (50) 597 BC as a reference that corresponds to 3556 on our Time-Line referred to Seth (2).      

    This pivot point in time changes the date for the First Temple by 38-years to 997, which corresponds to 3155 on our Time-Line.  It changes the history to Adam from 4103-years to 4151-years.   

    Many events are added to the Time-Line; such as, the life-spans of Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus the Great [Cyrus II],  Cambyses II, Darius the Great [Darius I], Xerxes the Great [Xerxes I, also known as Ahasuerus in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Esther], Artaxerxes I - - - on to the Second Temple on the 6th-year of Darius II in 417 BC, which corresponds to our Time-Line year 3729.  

    It's been a busy year!  Getting closer to my goal of placing the Time-Line through the Bible on the Internet where anyone and everyone can get a new perception of how events line up with our history.

Please refer to: Table of Historical Events

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    For many years I have worked with diligence on [KJV - God's Time Line of the Bible] using ONLY the King James Version (KJV).  That path is always under construction with meticulous editing.  I now have another path to account for our history of the [Historical Time Lines of the Bible] from other sources.  

    The  KJV of God's Time Line will be integrated into the Historical Time Lines.  The Biblical chronology scratched out in the KJV Time Line  may be compared to: Assyrian, Hebrew, Persian chronologies out of many more, the writings of Josephus, and the Canon of Ptolemy (747 BC to 160 AD) having dates established by eclipses.

Follow either Time Line:

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