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Our Historical Time Lines

    The Time Lines in "Our Historical Time Lines" are developed by integrating the "King James Version ONLY" into this path, which may be correlated with recorded historical events from OTHER sources.  The dates from Adam do not change because the Time Line  begins with Seth (2) born when Adam (1) was 130-years old.   

    By Using Persian records place the First Temple built by King Solomon in 997 BC (edit on 7-30-2016), which would translate to our time line as 3155 referred to the birth of Seth when Adam was 130-years old.  I have no reason to doubt that these two dates are concurrent and provide a basis to convert from one time line to the other or vise versa.  

Historians have previously placed the First Temple in 959 BC, whichis 38-Years later than the current Time-Line Model suggests

MODELING:    NON-ZERO Reference - - [Last Edit July 30, 2016]






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2 BC

1 BC


1 AD

2 AD

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33 AD

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70 AD

REF for AD 


REF for BC  

Jesus Christ b.  


Resurrection of Jesus Christ


Destruction of the Second Temple

Assumed Statistics:    Jesus b. 1 AD     (Lived 33-years)     d. 33 AD             [Jesus 4152 to 4184]

 Destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AC, equivalent to 4221.  

The following Abstrat applies to:  Events in Parallel Time Lines

    The reference path is: from Jacob (22) at age 130 brought Israel into Egypt (TL 2238), where Israel sojourned 430-years (TL 2668), then adding 480-years brings the Time Lines to the 4th year of King Solomon (34) - (TL 3148).  And 7-years later the First Temple is completed in (TL 3155). 

    The reference path is supported by a parallel path through the Judges:  Israel wondered in the wilderness for 40-years (TL 2708), Caleb is 85-years of age (TL 2713), Joshua ends dividing the land and dies (TL 2725 - linear interpolated date), God appointees the first Judge (TL 2765), Judge Othniel )TL 2805), Judge Ehud (TL 2885), Judge Deborah (TL 2925), Judge Jerubbaal (TL 2965), The people made Abimelech King for his service in making wars (TL 29680, Judge Tola (TL 2991), Judge Jair (T: 3013), Judge Jephthah (TL 3019), Judge Ibzan (TL 3026), Judge Abdon (TL 3044), Judge Samson (TL 3064). King Saul reigned until (TL 3104), King David (33) reigned as King of Judah (TL 3144), where in the same year King Solomon (34) began his reign, and in the 4th year of Solomon (34) he began building the Temple (TL 3148), which was completed 7-yeats later (TL 3155).


    The Table of Historical Events may be updated from time-to-time as necessary with the on going work on this website.

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